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Waste & Recycling Service

Meeting: 03/12/2019 - Cabinet (Item 39)

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The purpose of the report was for Cabinet to consider a change in the Council’s doorstep recycling service provision with a move away from the separation of paper (news and pams) to a fully comingled service where residents would be no longer required to separate and place paper in a clear plastic sack.


Options considered:


There were two options available:


·         Retain the dual stream recycling arrangements; or

·         Move to a comingled arrangements.


These options were evaluated in detail in the report.




1.    That the move to a fully comingled recycling as proposed by AES be approved.


2.    That the financial and other benefits that are associated with the change be noted.


3.    That the risks associated with the change and the mitigating actions that AES were proposing to ensure an effective transition be noted.