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Climate Change Action Plan (December 2020)

Meeting: 22/03/2021 - Community Overview & Scrutiny Panel (Item 40)

Climate Change Action Plan.

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It was the intention for the Climate Change Action Plan to be considered at this meeting. However, it had been decided that it would be postponed until the next meeting.


The Action Plan was in 2 parts: -


1)    Concerned the Council’s own emissions, enabling actions, staff skills and policies;

2)    Considered wider green-house gas emissions for the District as a whole.


Mark Forrester, Head of Democratic and Community Services, explained that the second part of the Action Plan would be ready for public consultation in the summer with a view to finalise the Plan by late Autumn.


The Council had engaged with a company called Anthesis to carry out analysis using a toolkit called SCATTER (Setting City Area Targets and Trajectories). Plans were also in place to review the Council’s carbon emissions related to procurement.


A meeting had been arranged to discuss the detailed feedback received from Moorlands Climate Action Group.


Some members were raised their concerns in relation to the connectivity between the Working Group and Sub-Groups, what would be contained within the Green Infrastructure Plan and the length of time it had taken for documents to be produced.


The importance of a continuous feedback loop and the sharing of ideas was highlighted, and for consideration to be given to the future of the Climate Change Working Group. Other members reported that the various groups had worked together positively and looked forward to the plans coming together in the next few months.


Councillor Health offered to circulate details on a paper produced by the NFU called net zero and agriculture.


DECIDED: That the update be noted.