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Buxton Safer Walk & Ride Routes

Meeting: 16/09/2021 - Economy and Growth Select Committee (Item 17)

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The Committee considered the work of the Town Team to develop the Walk & Ride Network to date, together with the potential implications for the Council if the project were to be fully endorsed.  It was noted at paragraph 3.2 of the repot that the WALK & Ride Network is a Buxton Town Team proposal, and that HPBC are not leading or responsible for the project.


Concerns were expressed regarding the level of consultation with local ward members, and members sought the support of other councillors to ensure that there would be proper consultation with ward members and the that the Council would contribute to the decision making on this project.  Members were advised that the project was being developed via a multi team approach and was not within the direct control of HPBC, but there would be engagement with ward members and those comments would be recorded in further reports.  Concerns already expressed around some of the proposed routes were acknowledged.


Safety concerns around the shared areas for pedestrians and cyclists were discussed, and particular reference was made to the need for appropriate signage in those areas.  Members were advised that DCC had indicated that the principle of shared spaces was long established, but that the concerns could be fed formally into the process.  Further analysis of the proposed routes would be presented in a further report to committee. 




1.    That the work of the Town Team to date to develop the Walk and Ride Network be noted;


2.    That the potential implications for the Council if the project were to be fully endorsed, be noted; and


3.    That Ward Councillors affected by the route will be engaged in the process before any decision is made.