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Summary of Projects

Meeting: 27/07/2021 - Moorlands Partnership Board (Item 71)

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The Board received an update on progress of the grants already approved in previous years:-


2015/16 OFFERS:

Gazebo, Whitehough, Ipstones.

Still waiting for doors to be installed and then the scheme would be complete. Officers had agreed with the applicant to extend remaining grant to 31 Dec 2021. If works were not complete by then the grant would be withdrawn.


2016/17 OFFERS:

The Trough, Biddulph.

Awaiting commencement. No update from Biddulph Town Council.


2017/2018 OFFERS:

Funerary Monuments.

Ongoing project - The most recently completed monuments were the Thomas Lovatt and Elizabeth Smith memorials at Alton. The following list was left to complete:

· Genders Memorial – Biddulph;

· Railed enclosure – Horton;

· Empson memorial – Kingsley.


2018/2019 OFFERS:

Leekbrook Interpretation Panels.

The Leek Brook boards were complete, on site and the grant paid.


2019/2020 OFFERS:

Halls Road Community Notice Board, Biddulph.

Notice boards were complete and in situ. Officers had requested photographs before payment of grant could be made. Despite several emails to chase with Biddulph Town Council, no photographs had been submitted. Grant remained unpaid.


42 Compton, Leek.

No further update to report.


55 Chorley Street.

Works complete and grant paid.


Kingsley and Froghall Station Platform.

Works complete and grant paid.


Leekbrook Rail Track.

No further update to report.


2020/2021 OFFERS:

Gillow Heath Station.

No update from Biddulph Town Council to report.



6 Russell Street, Leek

Works complete and request for additional funding (see details on separate report).



Cheadle Cards.

Potential grant aid for new shopfront.


Biddulph Florists.

Potential grant aid for like for like replacement shopfront. Awaiting quotes.


For the benefit of new Board members, the qualifying criteria for receipt of grants was clarified.


RESOLVED – That the report be NOTED.