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Anti Social Behaviour

Meeting: 06/09/2021 - Community Overview & Scrutiny Panel (Item 64)

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The Council was committed to reviewing its approach to community safety to reduce crime, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour. The report, introduced by Mark Trillo – Executive Director, helped to deliver that commitment.


  A wide variety of behaviour could be defined as ‘anti-social’ if it had a negative impact on others. In law, anti-social behaviour was defined as behaviour that causes, or is likely to cause alarm, distress or harassment to others (and nuisance in the housing context).

The Council had a duty to exercise its functions with due regard to the impact on anti-social behaviour. The Council had specific duties in relation to certain types of behaviours, such as noise nuisance.

The report detailed a draft policy covering the Council’s response to anti-social behaviour and also a handbook that is intended to provide relevant advice to the residents of Staffordshire Moorlands.

In response to a query around the dilution of policing powers, members were assured this was not the case and the Council’s role was to deal with general complaints and low level anti-social behaviour which did not include any criminal offenses. Dependant on the nature of the problem, the Council would work in conjunction with the Police to ensure the most suitable action was taken for residents.

A member of the Panel requested an officer contact list to refer to and the most appropriate way to channel queries would be discussed after the meeting with the Head of Communities and Climate Change. A case management system was also being looked into which would assist members with their case work.

It was also felt that a summary of the Handbook would be beneficial for residents and that resources should be directed into the provision of activities for young people. Members were advised that the Community Safety Plan incorporated multi-agency diversionary activities to prevent the occurrence of anti-social behaviour and details of the Plan could be shared at a future meeting of the Panel.




1)               That the Panel notes the Council’s responsibilities with respect to anti?social behaviour.


2)               That the Panel recommends that the Cabinet approves the draft Anti?Social Behaviour Policy.


3)               That the Panel notes the Anti-Social Behaviour Handbook and assists in raising awareness of the handbook within the community.