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Summary of Projects

Meeting: 01/12/2021 - Moorlands Partnership Board (Item 76)

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The Board received a report which provided an update and reviewed progress on the grants already approved (in previous years) under the Moorlands Partnership Board.


The report and presentation detailed progress to date on those projects, awaiting commencement, on site or, completed since the last meeting of the Moorlands Partnership Board.

Project updates and progress


2015/16 OFFERS:


Gazebo, Whitehough, Ipstones

Works complete and grant paid.            


2016/17 OFFERS:


The Trough, Biddulph

Awaiting commencement. No update from Biddulph Town Council.

Gillow Heath Station.

Awaiting commencement

Halls Road Community Notice Board, Biddulph
Noticeboards completed and awaiting invoices. A licence was required to fix the boards in place.

2017/2018 OFFERS:


Funerary Monuments

Ongoing project. Repairs to all the funerary monuments were now complete with the exception of the Genders memorial at the Church of St Lawrence, Biddulph.


2019/2020 OFFERS:        


42 Compton, Leek

No further update to report. 


Leekbrook Rail Track

Works on site, the construction was due to start towards the end of January 2022 with a completion in September 2022.

2020/2021 OFFERS:


St Edwards Summerhouses

Specification of works being prepared prior to making formal grant award.




Biddulph Florists

Potential grant aid for like for like replacement shopfront. Awaiting quotes and the applicant has been chased as there had been a change to the tenancy.


Former Garage, Ipstones

Repair and restoration of building for community use.


The Officer explained that although she hadn’t received any enquiries for large projects, she had been contacted about smaller schemes which included the restoration of war memorials, a local artist heritage trail in Tean and shop frontage renovations.