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Whistleblowing Policy

Meeting: 03/12/2021 - Audit & Accounts Committee (Item 60)

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The Council’s Whistleblowing Policy had been in place since 2002, with the latest update having been completed in 2016. It allowed all employees and contractors to report any concerns where the public interest was at risk, including a risk to the wider public, customers, staff or the Council itself.


An update report had been presented to this committee in May 2018 and since that date there had been 1 Whistleblowing case reported. The issue was satisfactorily dealt with and resolved.


The policy had again been updated in accordance with the latest best practice supplied by the Whistleblowing charity and leading authority in the field ‘PROTECT’ to whom the Council subscribed. To coincide with this, further awareness-raising initiatives were to be scheduled to ensure that Whistleblowing continued to be appropriately publicised including:-


·       An article to be included in the staff communication newsletters and thereafter periodically;

·       Whistleblowing posters to be updated on noticeboards throughout the Council;

·       Practical tips to be given to all Managers and Supervisors to help them deal with any Whistleblowing issues raised by their staff;

·       Specific fraud awareness e-learning to be provided to all staff to help raise awareness of the importance of discussing with their Line Managers any concerns they may have regarding malpractice.


Members requested that any future policy change reports should easily identify changes. This could be in the form of strikeouts or colour coding.


RESOLVED – That the revised Whistleblowing Policy as appended to the report be APPROVED and ADOPTED.


FURTHER RESOLVED – That the activity outlined in the report aimed at promoting the Whistleblowing Policy within Staffordshire Moorlands District Council be NOTED.