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Scrutiny Review

Meeting: 28/03/2022 - Corporate Select Committee (Item 41)

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The Committee considered the response to the feedback provided by the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny (CfGS) following completion of their review of the Council’s Scrutiny arrangements.  It was noted that the report had been considered by the overview and scrutiny review group who had recommended that it be considered by Corporate Select Committee for a wider consideration of the recommendations.


Comments made included:

·         Training for new members – possibly after they have attended their first scrutiny meeting

·         Mentoring scheme around scrutiny with more experienced councillors acting as mentors for new councillors

·         Ensure reports are accessible for councillors in terms of language etc and ask for feedback

·         Retain 3 committees recognising that there are many cross cutting issues

·         Make greater use of the categories within scrutiny including holding to account and policy development

·         Engagement with residents

·         Identify 3 or 4 key issues for the committee to scrutinise each year and members to take more charge of the agenda

·         Suggested that appointment of chairs be made at Annual Council to help with the planning process

·         Need to be more pro-active

·         Look at how things are judged and quantified

·         Look at more work jointly between committees




That, subject to the above comments, the feedback from CfGS as detailed in Appendix A and the suggested response to the recommendations as set out in Appendix B be noted.