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Summary of Projects

Meeting: 26/07/2022 - Moorlands Partnership Board (Item 5)

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The Board received a report which provided an update and reviewed progress on the grants already approved (in previous years) under the Moorlands Partnership Board.


This report dealt with progress to date on these projects, awaiting commencement, on site or, completed since the last meeting of the Moorlands Partnership Board.

This report was for information only but offered Members an opportunity to comment on progress. The report was presented with an accompanying power point presentation which displayed images of each project.



Project updates and progress


2016/17 OFFERS:


Biddulph Town Council Projects -The Trough, Gillow Heath Station and Halls Road Community Notice Board. The noticeboard would be erected in April. Licences were being obtained to do the work at Gillow Heath Station. The Trough repair was delayed slightly waiting confirmation of a contractor.

2019/2020 OFFERS:        


42 Compton, Leek

No further update to report. 


Leekbrook Rail Track

Grant paid towards the reinstatement of the track bed.

2020/2021 OFFERS:


St Edwards Summerhouses

Formal grant award now made and an updated condition and specification report was being prepared. 


2021/2022 OFFERS:


St Marks Church, Foxt

Works due to commence middle of July.


Heaton House, Rushton Spencer

Planning Permission for the wall was currently being prepared.


Hales Hall Pool Lectern

Grant paid and lectern installed.


Funerary Monuments, St Giles Church, Cheadle

Diocese permissions being sought prior to commencement of works.


St Leonards Church, Ipstones

Since the report had been written, confirmation had now been received advising that the works had been done.


Guild Hall, Alton Castle

Currently fund raising to allow the works to commence later in the year.


19 Hugo Street, Leek

Windows currently being manufactured at joiners.


Boundary Post

Works commencing prior to the end of September.


Foxlow Arts Centre, Leek

Works currently on site and scaffolding erected.


Den Engel, Leek

Works to commence by the end of October.


Christ Church, Biddulph Moor

Fundraising at present and works to commence as soon as possible.




Former garage/barn – Ipstones


The Plough Endon – Redecoration of Mural


RESOLVED: That the update report be NOTED.