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Neutrient Neutrality - Update

Meeting: 08/06/2023 - Economy and Growth Select Committee (Item 12)

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The Committee received an update on the progress of the nutrient neutrality strategy and action for the Borough which seeks to address this. 


Specific reference was made to the current position as set out at paragraph 6.8 of the report, which set out the work ongoing to develop a Nutrient Neutrality Strategy and Action Plan which will also inform the review of the Local Plan.  The Action Plan, amongst other outputs, will deliver a regional specific nutrient calculator which can be used to determine whether a proposed development is likely to trigger an increase in phosphate loading and what this change would be, to then enable mitigation options to be applied.


The following matters were discussed:


·         Flood risk which can be mitigated by wetlands and encourage bio diversity

·         Developer responsibilities in terms of mitigation

·         The need for collaborative working across agencies and with developers

·         The application of the National Credit Scheme where developments lie outside the SAC

·         SUDs and retro fitting – policy implications to consider as part of the review of the Local Plan

·         Obligation on water companies to clean up polluted waterways




That the progress to date be noted.