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Council (SMDC) - Thursday, 19th July, 2018 6.30 pm

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Mr Barry Steans

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Councillors observed a minute silence in memory of Mr Barry Steans who had recently passed away.  Mr Steans had served as an Independent Person for the Authority since 2010.


Urgent items of business, if any (24 hours notice to be provided to the Chairman).

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Mr Alan Doig (former Chief Fire Officer) - Councillors were saddened to learn that Mr Doig had recently passed away and agreed that a letter of condolence should be issued in recognition of his service to Staffordshire Fire & Rescue.


Minutes - Annual Council - 16 May 2018 pdf icon PDF 111 KB

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The Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council held on 16 May 2018 were approved, subject to and amendment to reflect the attendance of Councillor Cawley.


Minutes - Council Assembly - 13 June 2018 pdf icon PDF 70 KB

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The Minutes of the Council Assembly meeting held on 13 June 2018 were approved.


Declarations of interest

1.    Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

2.    Other Interests

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            The following declaration was made:-

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Members Declaring Interest

Nature of Interest

Item 9 - Independent Remuneration Panel Report - Members' Allowances

Cllr. P. Roberts

Vice-Chair of the Planning Applications Committee



Chairman's or Leader's announcements and correspondence, if any.

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The Leader reported that Councillor Lea had recently had an operation and was recovering well.


The Chairman referred to a number of fundraising events that would be taking place:


§  8 September 2018 - charity abseil from the bell tower of St Edwards Church, Leek

§  9 September 2018 - Afternoon tea and tour at the Old Hall, Biddulph

§  6 October - Chairman’s Ball at the Alton Towers Hotel

§  26 January 2019 - Burns Supper at the Old Hall, Biddulph


Cabinet - 19 June 2018 Revised Corporate Plan 2018-19 pdf icon PDF 86 KB

Recommendation - That the revised Corporate Plan refresh be approved.

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Members considered the revised Corporate Plan for the Authority.  Further details would be forwarded to Councillor C. Wood with regards to benchmark comparisons for the processing of Housing Benefit and expenditure on public toilets.


RESOLVED – That the revised Corporate Plan be approved.


Independent Remuneration Panel Report - Members' Allowances pdf icon PDF 71 KB

Recommendation -    That Council determines allowances to be paid to Members effective from 1 April 2018, having regard to the recommendations of the Independent Remuneration Panel as set out in paragraph 3.4 of the report.


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Members discussed in detail a report which made recommendations with regards to an independent review of members’ allowances.  The Leader of the Council thanked the Independent Remuneration Panel for their work.


As an AMENDMENT it was PROPOSED and SECONDED that the Special Responsibility Allowances in respect of Cabinet Support Members, the Member Development Champion and the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Appeals Board be removed saving council tax payers £11,960 per year.


A named vote having been called, voting was as follows:-


Those voting FOR:


Councillors Cawley, Gledhill, Jebb, M.M. Lovatt, M.A. Lovatt, Lucas, Malyon, Price, Walley, P Wilkinson and C. Wood. (11)


Those voting AGAINST:


Councillors Alcock, Banks, Bond, Bowen, Bull, Davies, Emery, Fallows, Flunder, Forrester, Grocott, Hall, Hart, Hawkins, Heath, Herdman, Hughes, P. Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Lawson, Lockett, McNicol, Pearce, Ralphs, Roberts, Trigger and Ward. (28)




Councillors Ogden, Scalise, Shaw, Sheldon and Worthington. (5)


Therefore, the PROPOSAL was declared LOST.


As a further AMENDMENT it was PROPOSED and SECONDED that  the Special Responsibility allowance for the Vice-Chair of the Council’s Planning Applications Committee be increased to the same level as the Vice-Chairs of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Panels.


(Councillor Roberts declared an interest at this point and left the meeting during the discussion of this item).


Having being put to the vote, the PROPOSAL was declared CARRIED.


As a further AMENDMENT it was PROPOSED and SECONDED that the following recommendations should not be approved:


§  That the basic allowance from 2018/19 be increased by 2% (equal to the Local Government pay settlement). 


§  That the Leader's allowance from 2018/19 be increased by 2%, other special responsibilities thereby increasing pro rata.


§  That the annual adjustment of allowances for future increases be the same as the agreed Local Government Pay settlement.


Having being put to the vote, the PROPOSAL was declared CARRIED.


RESOLVED -       1.      That the Child Care and Dependent Carers’ Allowance be set at the actual amount incurred (up to a maximum of £10 per hour) and that the cap of £40 per day be removed.


2.      That the Council’s previous decision to allocate Special Responsibility Allowances for the positions of the Chair of the Local Plan Steering Group, Audit and Accounts Committee and Cabinet Support Members be re-affirmed.


3.      That all other features of the Members Allowances Scheme established by the Council in previous years be retained.



Notices of Motion in accordance with Procedure Rule No. 8.

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Councillor Ralphs MBE - That the Council supports the request to Government for a Minister for the Elderly.


Councillors considered a notice of motion with regards to supporting a request to government to appoint a minister for the elderly.  During the debate members deliberated a range of key policy areas which impact the elderly such as access to services, social care, public transport, social exclusion, dementia care and the work of the voluntary sector.


RESOLVED -    That the request to Government for a Minister for the Elderly be supported.



To answer questions asked under Procedure Rule No. 10, if any. pdf icon PDF 55 KB

(At least two clear days notice required, in writing, to the Proper Officer in accordance with Procedure Rule 11.3.)


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Question to the Leader received from Councillor Cawley:


“To ask SMDC to investigate the possibility of installing parking meters in the authority that accept mobile phone / app payment”




“The Council is considering the introduction of a Pay by Phone/App facility as part of a wider project regarding Pay and Display machine functionality and car parking investment.”


In response to supplementary questions the Leader of the Council stated that it was not possible to provide a timescale for the introduction of such facilities.  Further investigations were underway to identify the costs involved and to avoid subsequent increases to car park charges as a result of implementing this initiative.