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Health Overview & Scrutiny Panel - Thursday, 17th March, 2022 2.00 pm, MOVED

Venue: Hybrid Meeting - Council Chamber, Moorlands House, Leek and via Microsoft Teams.

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DECIDED – That the minutes of the meeting of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel held on 9 February 2022 be APPROVED as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



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Minutes of the Last Meeting of the Healthy Staffordshire Select Committee. pdf icon PDF 217 KB

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The Panel noted the minutes of the meeting of the Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 31 January 2022. 



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(At least two clear days notice required, in writing, to the Proper Officer in accordance with Procedure Rule 15).



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1.    Question received from Councillor Malyon:


I understand that residents are still waiting a number of hours for ambulances to respond to calls (I’m aware of waiting times of 7 hours and 5 hours for two recent cases).  When will this change for the better?


Response from Councillor Bowen:-


As members will be aware, the District Council had no direct role in the delivery of the ambulance service and the formal scrutiny of this service was with the Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Panel at Staffordshire County Council.


Given the concerns expressed it would be useful if councillors could provide their views about the performance of the ambulance service to the Democratic Services Team.  This information could then be gathered and forwarded to the County Council and suggest that this service be scrutinised further.


By way of supplementary questions, Councillor Malyon stressed the importance of raising these concerns with the West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS). She also requested the reason the Falls Response Service had been reduced.


Councillor Jones explained to the Panel that Biddulph Town Council had made a freedom of information request to the WMAS. A former employee of the WMAS had analysed this information and had produced a document which had been distributed to all members of the Panel. The Vice-Chair highlighted some of the key points which included; targets not being met, increased treatment at scene, lives placed at risk and the most effective service for the rural areas was provided by the Rapid Response Vehicles.


Given that the WMAS was aware of the performance data, it was questioned what actions the organisation had put in place to improve the situation in the rural areas.




1)    For the information obtained via a freedom of information request by Biddulph Town Council analysed by a former employee of the WMAS be sent to the Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee;

2)    That members send details of specific cases that were cause for concern to Councillor Flunder. As a member of the Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee he would take this forward at this Committee;

3)    Due to the level of concern and the Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee being responsible for the scrutiny of performance ofthis Service, the County Council be asked to give further consideration to this matter.


Work Programme. pdf icon PDF 119 KB


Any additional items to be added to the Work Programme:-


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ii)         Members items;


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At this point of the meeting, members were advised that an Integrated Care Hub Working Group was being established to scope the services available for the Staffordshire Moorlands and Newcastle Under Lyme local authority areas.


The lead body scrutinising the work would be the County Council’s Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny committee. Therefore, it was proposed that a standing working group of the Health and Care O&S Committee be set up to consist of a maximum of 8 members (4 from each Authority), to include the Chair of our Health O&S Panel and at least one member of the leading opposition group. The final arrangements and remit would be confirmed at the next meeting of the Health and Care Overview O&S Committee.


Councillor Flunder and Councillor Atkins registered their interest in becoming a member of this Working Group.


The County Council were also undertaking a piece of work around mental health and wellbeing.  




That the Work Programmed be agreed, subject to, the following items being added:-


1)    Update on the progress made by the County Council in relation to the WMAS;

2)    Falls Response Team to be invited to a meeting;

3)    Extra Care Facilities within the Moorlands.



NHS Approach to Climate Change - Chris Bird, Director of Partnerships, Strategy & Digital, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust. (Presentation) pdf icon PDF 1002 KB

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The Panel received a presentation which covered the following subject areas:-

·       National policy environment

·       Carbon footprint of the NHS

·       Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability Group

·       Areas of focus

·       Green Plan Timeline

·       Case Study (Keep well, Keep Warm)


Members found the information contained within the presentation to be very interesting and asked the following questions: -


Net Zero by 2045 – This date was set within legislation and it was recognised that organisations were moving at different paces. The NHS faced challenges around supply chain logistics and certain technology being in its infancy.


Stockpiling of medication and single use equipment – Once dispensed it was very difficult to recycle medication. Individuals were responsible for recycling where possible such as the disposal of inhalers at community recycling centres. Particularly during the pandemic, the use of plastics had increased substantially and was an issue for the organisation. The NHS Clinical Procurement Team was undertaking a review of the whole life cycle of equipment, possible extension of the life span of certain products, disposal and recycling. Design work with suppliers to reduce the carbon load of goods and services was also being undertaken.


Promotional Activity/Events – A member of the Panel suggested that the NHS may wish to attend events due to be held at Uttoxeter Race Course and in Biddulph. Roadshows were being developed regionally by the NHS and would focus on particular aspects of climate change and sustainability. The organisation also worked in partnership with Keele University and was aware of local organisations and groups. There were opportunities for local authorities and the NHS to work together around advancements in technology.


The importance of the voluntary sector was highlighted and ongoing conversations were being held with VAST and Support Staffordshire.


Discussion took place in relation to broader determinants, health outcomes and the co-benefits of local authorities and the NHS working together such as green spaces, bus routes and clean air. The Staffordshire Sustainability Board would provide the governance process around these areas of work.


The Chair thanked the Officer for the informative presentation and for his attendance at the meeting.


DECIDED: That the presentation be received.