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1st Quarter 2020/21 Financial, Performance & Procurement Report


Keith Pointon – Acting Head of Finance, introduced a report which informed members of the Council’s overall performance and financial position for the period ended 30th June (“First Quarter 2020/21”).


Detailed analysis was provided in Appendix A (Finance), Appendix B (Procurement) and Appendix C (Performance).


The position was summarised as below:





The Finance headlines for the First Quarter were:


Performance against Budget

·      At the First Quarter stage the General Fund projected outturn for 2020/21 was an overspend of £345,160 (net of Government Covid funding) 


Efficiency Programme

·      At Quarter One no savings had been taken against the 2020/21 general fund efficiency target of £519,000.


Capital Programme

·      The revised Capital Programme budget for 2020/21 was 6.6 million which included the carry forward of capital underspends from 2019/20.  The projected outturn for the year was £3.1million; a variance of £3.5 million – mostly in respect of programme slippage due to Covid19.


Treasury Management

·      Cash investments held at 30 June 2020 totalled £15.4 million. The Ascent loan and debenture currently stood at £19 million.

·      Council borrowing at 30 June 2020 totalled £12 million (related to the Ascent loan)

·      The Council’s net interest income receipts were projected to be £55,210 surplus above budget.


Revenue Collection

·      28.76% of Council Tax was collected by 30 June 2020 compared to 29.38% for the same period last year.

·      22.30% of Business Rates was collected by 30 June 2020 compared with 28.62% for the same period last year.

·      At the end of the First Quarter, sundry debt that was over 60 days old was £97,395 which compared with £82,560 at 30 June 2019


Appendix A


The Procurement headlines for the First Quarter are:

·         12 procurement activities were completed

·         The Procurement forward plan included 57 procurement activities for completion in 2020/21 (either SMDC only or joint)

·         At the 30 June 2020, 97% of procurement activity undertaken was on the forward plan and the Council paid 97% of its invoices within 30 days during the year


Appendix B


The Performance headlines for the First Quarter are:


·         69% of the key performance indicators on track (33% of which were better than the previous year)

·         The Council received 10 complaints and 22 compliments in the First Quarter.

·         10 projects on track, 16 not yet commenced, 1 completed, 1 Red rated and 2 Amber.

Appendix C




Discussion took place around projects being re-profiled and the need for the Council to focus on and develop its Tourism Strategy in an innovative way. As Covid-19 had prevented travel abroad, there was a demand for ‘staycations’ and an increase in the number of motor homes had been noticed. Due to this, members suggested that the Council could generate income by the creation of specific space to provide facilities for motorhomes.  Members also commented that the Council should encourage and assist owners of caravan sites in relation to the interpretation of planning policy.


The Panel debated the Car Parking Review and the overspend due to the loss of income during the free car parking throughout the month of August. Members suggested that electric charging points could be installed in car parks and particular reference was made to the removal of car parking charges for  a further period of time, to allow for a detailed survey to be carried out. Officers agreed that the  Tourism and Parking Strategies were very important and the Council would review all options.


A vote was taken and the Panel agreed the following recommendation:-




1)    That CABINET be RECOMMENDED to consider the removal of the car parking charges for a further period of time, to allow for a pre-planned, systematic survey to be carried out on the uptake of free parking and footfall in the town centres.



2)    The Panel NOTE the First Quarter 2020/21 financial, procurement and performance position detailed in Appendices A, B and C and summarised at 3.3 of the covering report.
























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