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Emissions from Council Buildings - Presentation (Katy Webster)


Katy Webster, Head of Assets Service, made a presentation to the working group around Council Buildings, which included an update around housing, specifically, the EFG project (LAD2 Funding) and a Pilot Project at Watford Lodge Bungalow, and  public buildings (a copy of the presentation is attached).


In response to a question, members would be invited to tour Watford Lodge and Lane Head Green, Edale in due course.  Some concerns were expressed around whether Watford Lodge was in a suitable location for a disabled bungalow.


Regarding any potential for apprentices, member were advised that there weren’t any apprentices in the Capital Team, who were managing the contracts, and this project was provided a ‘learning opportunity’ to improve skills and understanding of issues around retrofit..  There may be opportunities for apprenticeships within the Norse Joint Venture in due course.  Reference was made to difficulties with recruitment and retention for construction projects.


Regarding the works currently being undertaken to Glossop Municipal Buildings, following a feasibility study on whether the Glossop buildings could be heated in an alternative way other than gas which was not feasible so an upgraded gas boiler had been installed in the municipal buildings which was much more efficient and should lead to improvements.  It was noted that protection of heritage and decarbonisation did not always fit together easily.


Regarding the extent to which implementation of the recommendations around public buildings would lead to them being carbon neutral, members were advised that the recommendations at this point were an indication of what could be realistically achieved at this point taking each building on its own merit.  Simple measures could be effective, such as draft exclusion measures, together with more complicated schemes.  Consideration would be needed as to how to progress towards being carbon neutral taking all factors into consideration including the development of technology.


It was queried to what extent the experience around the EFG project is translatable into a service which the council could offer to the private sector, both landlords and owner occupiers, bearing in mind the type of stock in High Peak.  Discussions have been on-going with Norse around this type of opportunity and building the relevant skills and capacity to delivery such a service. 


Reference was made to HVCG, with others,  taking a proposal to DCC under their Vision Derbyshire initiative for a one stop shop to talk about an initiative covering county, district and boroughs to take their capacity beyond looking at their own stock, which had been defeated but would be reviewed and resubmitted


It was also suggested that strategies that take into account the time factor should also be considered in the aim of reducing emissions. It was noted that there are a lot of energy saving measures that can be done easily, and the feasibility around these measures needed to be progressed.




1.     That the Head of Asset Service be thanked for the informative presentation; and

2.     That it be noted that further information would be provided in due course.