Agenda item

Your Housing Group 6 Month Performance Update - Aaron Hammersley, Head of Housing. (6.15pm)


Members considered a briefing paper introduced by Dave Lovatt - Regional Housing Manager, which provided a performance and development update on YHG business areas identified in the legacy agreement and related to business activity between October 2021 and May 2022. Aaron Hamersley – Head of Housing , Paula Marshall Director of Housing and Customer Service and Conan McKinley - Director of Asset Strategy were present at the meeting. A customer representative was also present - Andrea Hampton.


Topics covered within the report included:


-       Your Housing Group Response to Covid 19

-       Housing Management

-       Neighbourhood inspection and Customer Engagement Events

-       Money Advice Support

-       Lettings

-       Compliance

-       Development

-       Repairs and Maintenance

-       Asset improvement

-       Digital Engagement

-       Community Regeneration

-       Commercial update


Members had the opportunity to ask questions and comment as follows:-


Mill Street – It was reported that there was on an ongoing issue with fly-tipping at this site and the refuse bins needed to be made secure as non-residents were leaving waste there. Fly-tipped waste had recently been removed and as part of priority neighbourhood work, the issue around the bins was being looked at in conjunction with the Belle Vue Flats. Councillors were welcome to attend a meeting on 14 July 2022 on site with the contractor to look at designs and listen to the view of residents.


Money advice support – Members were pleased this service was provided given little-face-to face advice was available.


Well Street, Cheadle – At present YHG were still exploring options for this site and the Panel would be kept informed when further details had been confirmed.


Hammersley Haye Garages –. Further work was required in relation to the garages, a steering group had been set up and it was anticipated that further information would be available to Panel next time YHG were in attendance.


As part of the legacy agreement, members were keen to see some new properties built in the District.  Colleagues in the Development Team at YHG would be able to provide this information after the meeting.


Shops on Mill Street – Works had ceased but assurance was given that the  work would be completed by the end of July 2022. In particular concerns were raised in relation to the dropped kerbs and raised man holes.


Average re-let time of 44 days – In response to query around staffing issues, it was explained that not enough resource was allocated to emergency repairs to keep up with the demand for service.  Therefore 12 staff were redeployed from the Void Team to the Repairs Team. The staff had now returned to their usual employment. There was still a backlog but it was decided that customers currently residing in properties which required repairs were a priority to the organisation.


Response times for emergency repairs  – A councillor had previously been assured the response time was 4 hours and gave an example of a vulnerable customer that had experienced reoccurring issues with heating and hot water which had not been resolved within the given time. Due to this, written clarification of the response time was requested and for this information to be distributed to the YHG call handlers


In addition to this, a case which involved an issue with a serious water leak was described to the Panel. YHG were aware of this particular case and advised that the customer would receive a welfare check. Any details in relation to specific cases would be provided to YHG after the meeting.


Customer satisfaction – Although 92% satisfaction was considered to be good across the industry, a member of the Panel was of the opinion that this should be higher a rate.


Looked after children aged 16 – It was confirmed that the allocations policy included special criteria for young people and they were not limited to be housed in one property in the area. The Officer offered to provide more insight into this directly with the Councillor at a convenient time.


The Chair thanked the representatives for attending the meeting.


DECIDED: That the performance update be noted.

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