Agenda item

AES Annual Performance Review - presentation


Kevin Melling from AES, was in attendance to provide members with an overview of AES Service Delivery and performance during 21/22 and a look forward to future developments.


Regarding employees, there had been some difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff but this had not particularly impacted service delivery and the situation was now improving.  In response, to a query, measures being undertaken to address recruitment and retention of staff were set out.  A ‘Grow your own’ approach to training for Team Leaders and HGV drivers and been established to protect and create jobs.  Pressures around inflationary pressures and covid recovery issues were reported.


Services had been maintained throughout the pandemic with collections delayed rather than suspended and all fleet inspections and MOTs had been completed despite covid and supplier challenges.  Colllective in-cab technology was now live, which gives real time information, and ICT systems had been introduced to digitally record playground and open space inspections.  Work had continued within communities and schools and AES had been shortlisted for two awards.


Performance results were reported with the waste and fleet outturn performance being reported as 99.96% successful collections. The recycling outturn was 47.5% against a target of 50.5% due to changes in work patterns.  Around Street Cleansing, Grounds and Parks, over 230 community clean up campaigns and 99.6% annual playground inspections had been undertaken.  Flytipping had increased. 


Regarding finance, AES had £484,000 in retained reserves and £859,000 had been returned to the authority.  Additional management fee payments had also been agreed due to the pay award and covid 19 costs.  Total combined savings of £1,088,000 were reported to 31.3.22.


Future developments included HVO roll out during the second half of 22/23 to deliver economies of scale, carbon reduction and improved air quality.  Open space management and diversity matters continue including the #NoMowMay pilot.  Contracts and procurement work is on-going and reference was made to global supply chain pressures and on-going consideration of Resources & Waste Strategy, further information on which was awaited.  An update around the journey towards carbon neutral 203 was given.  Commercial challenges and opportunities were being investigated together with the potential for wider growth and expansion.


In response to a query regarding the trial of recycling bins, members were advised that the results of the trial showed that there was a lot of contamination, market research was being undertaken around intelligent bins and underground systems.

Regarding the lack of incentives for business recycling, it was noted that once the National Resource and Recycling Strategy was launched, all small businesses with 6 or more employees would be obliged to recycle which would provide commercial opportunities for AES.


It was queried whether the use of peat in land management could be stopped altogether, a response on which would be forwarded to members.


Discussion ensured around the use of cameras to deter flytipping and information on the particular area would be forwarded to AES direct.


Reference was made to the proposed nature walks around Hogshaw, information would be provided around how to access the Community Value Pot.


Kevin was thanked for his attendance and presentation.




That the presentation be noted.