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First Quarter 2019/20 Financial, Procurement & Performance Review


Claire Hazeldene – Deputy Director and Head of Finance, presented a report  which informed members of the Council’s overall performance and financial position for the period ended 30th June 2019 (“First Quarter 2019/20”).


The position was summarised as follows:







The headlines for the first quarter were:

Performance against Budget

  • At the Quarter One stage the General Fund projected outturn for 2019/20 was an overspend of £52,590.

Efficiency Programme

  • The 2019/20 general fund efficiency target of £842,000 had almost been achieved with £830,690 of savings achieved to date. 

Capital Programme

  • The revised Capital Programme budget for 2019/20 is £5.8 million including the carry forward of capital underspends from 2018/19.  The projected outturn for the year is £5.8 million at this early stage.

Treasury Management

  • Cash investments held at 30th June 2019 totalled £9.1 million. The Ascent loan and debenture currently stood at £19 million.
  • Council borrowing at 30th June 2019 totalled £11 million
  • The Council’s net interest receipts were projected to be £18,010 above budget.

Revenue Collection

  • 28.62% of Council Tax was collected by 30th June 2019 compared to 28.99% for the same period last year.
  • 29.38% of Business Rates was collected by 30th June 2019 compared with 29.63% for the same period last year.
  • At the end of Quarter One debt that was over 60 days old was £72,400 which compared with £82,560 at 30th June 2018

Appendix A


The headlines for the first quarter were:

  • 14 procurement activities were completed
  • The Procurement forward plan includes 70 procurement activities for completion in 2019/20 (either SMDC only or joint)
  • At the 30thJune 2019, 50% of procurement activity undertaken was on the forward plan and the Council paid 94% of its invoices within 30 days during the year

Appendix B


The headlines for the first quarter were:

·         71% of the key performance indicators met target

·         Of the 18 Priority Actions within the Corporate Plan, two were still to commence, four were rated amber, one rated red the remainder being classified as ‘Green’

·         The Council received 20 complaints, 47 comments and 13 compliments in the First Quarter. Repeat complaints and response times both on track

Appendix C



Officers were asked about Brough Park and if the improvements were dependent on the Heritage Lottery Fund. Issues were also highlighted such as, a build up of moss, debris and illegally parked vehicles which put users in danger. In response, the Panel was advised that a business case was currently being developed for the Park which included a re-submission of a bid for grant funding but improvements would go ahead should the bid be unsuccessful. Members would be kept up to date with the outcome of the application for Heritage Lottery Funding.


Discussion also took place around the upgrade to CCTV equipment which was currently being procured, improvements to Brough Park Leisure Centre and the performance framework. The Panel was informed that Parkwood Leisure would be in attendance at the next meeting of the Service Delivery Overview and Scrutiny Panel, at which members would have the opportunity raise any issues and scrutinise the performance of the organisation.


A member of the Panel felt that there was disparity in the amount of money allocated to the markets in the three main towns, that the Council should approach the owner of the market in Cheadle with a view to purchase and that there wasn’t a detailed strategy for the town . He was also concerned about the recent landslide in Cheadle which had affected a number of shops and if there would be any support from the Council. It was explained to the Panel that there was a masterplan for Cheadle and the Council had previously tried to purchase the market. The Council had a responsibility in relation to the welfare of the residents affected by the landslide, and dependant on their circumstances the Council could assist with support for the businesses. The Council’s Executive Director (Place) would be contacted after the meeting and the Councillors from Cheadle would be kept informed in relation to this matter.


The Panel also debated responsibility for the mitigation of flooding, the various organisation involved and the Council’s response should flooding occur.


DECIDED:  That the Panel NOTE:-


           The First Quarter 2019/20 financial, procurement and performance position detailed in Appendices A, B and C and summarised at 3.3 of the: and


           The proposed write offs set out in Appendix D of the report.


Supporting documents: