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2nd Quarter 2019/20 Financial, Procurement & Performance Review


The report informed members of the Council’s overall financial, procurement and performance position for the period ending 30 September 2019 (“Second Quarter 2019/20”).


The position was summarised as follows:-






The headlines for the Second Quarter were:

Performance against Budget

·         At the second quarter stage the General Fund projected outturn for 2019/20 was an underspend of £9,680.

Efficiency Programme

·         The 2019/20 general fund efficiency target of £842,000 had been exceeded with £856,260 of savings achieved to date.

Capital Programme

·         The revised Capital Programme budget for 2019/20 was £5.8 million including the carry forward of capital underspends from 2018/19. The projected outturn for the year was £4.0 million.

Treasury Management

·         Cash investments held at 30 September 2019 totalled £12.3 million. The Ascent loan and debenture currently stood at £19 million;

·         Council borrowing at 30 September 2019 totalled £10 million (related to the Ascent loan);

·         The Council’s net interest receipts were projected to be £28,000 above budget.

Revenue Collection

·         56.34% of Council Tax was collected by 30 September 2019 compared to 56.69% for the same period last year;

·         55.57% of Business Rates was collected by 30 September 2019 compared to 56.77% for the same period last year;

·         At the end of the Second Quarter debt that was over 60 days old was £67,310 compared to £99,980 at 30 September 2018.

Appendix A


The headlines for the Second Quarter were:

·         7 procurement activities were completed;

·         The procurement forward plan included 67 procurement activities for completion in 2019/20 (either SMDC only or joint);

·         At 30 September 2019, 52% of procurement activity undertaken was on the forward plan and the Council paid 96% of its invoices within 30 days during the year.

Appendix B


The headlines for the Second Quarter were:

·         Performance in respect of 82% of the key performance indicators was on target;

·         Of the 18 Priority Actions within the Corporate Plan, 2 were still to commence, 4 were rated ‘Amber’, 1 rated ‘Red’ and the remainder were classified as ‘Green’;

·         The Council received 18 complaints, 29 comments and 15 compliments in the Second Quarter. Repeat complaints and response times both on track.

Appendix C


Queries were raised and clarification given on the following:-


·         Electoral Services Overspend – any cost direct to SMDC? (No, this related to the local election held in May 2019, with the total cost of £160,000 being spread over the 4 year term of a Council.)

·         The funding received for the Disabled Facilities Grants was £352,340 over the budgeted amount. Would this be carried over to future years if not spent? Also, what was the DFG waiting list time?(Yes, the surplus would be carried over. Waiting list details to be established and forwarded on.)

·         When would the Brough Park Children’s Play facility be built? (This featured in the Medium Term Financial Plan and budget was being arranged.)

·         What was the ‘Local Business Concordat’? (Details would be forwarded to members.)

·         Whose responsibility was it to clean highways when construction work caused problems? (It was the builders’ responsibility as part of the planning conditions, though this highlighted a wider problem in that the Staffs County Council Gully Emptying Service was ineffective. Many gullies were blocked, exacerbating the situation. SMDC carried out street cleansing, but it would be preferable if we could take on gully emptying on behalf of SCC.)


DECIDED: That the Panel NOTE the Second Quarter 2019/20 financial, procurement and performance position detailed in Appendices A, B and C and summarised in the report.

Supporting documents: