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Your Housing Group - 6 Monthly Update.


Each representative from Your Housing Group (YHG) was introduced to the Panel and apologies were received from Brian Cronin – Chief Executive Officer.


Members considered a briefing paper introduced by Sharon Wheeler – Property Manager, which provided a performance and development update on YHG business areas identified in the legacy agreement and related to business activity between April 2018 and March 2019.


Topics covered within the report included:

·         Housing Management

·         Neighbourhood Inspections

·         Neighbourhood Information

·         Agile Working

·         Compliance

·         Development

·         Repairs and Maintenance

·         Digital Engagement

·         Community Regeneration

·         Environmental


It was also reported to the Panel that the satisfaction rate for customer repairs in 2018-2019 was 60% (target 80%).


The results from a monthly transactional survey (this survey went out to customers who have had a specific repair completed) April -August 2019/2020  were 57%- customer satisfaction (target 80%).


Due to these figures work needed to be done around customer satisfaction. All repairs staff were now fully integrated into the Fix360 Team which provided a more consistent approach to the delivery of housing repairs and the number of supervisory staff had increased.


Councillor Martin raised an issue she was aware of which involved an elderly resident who had struggled over a long period of time, to have alterations made to her property to ensure it was safe to live in. Apparently, despite formal complaints being made the problems had still not been resolved. Sharon Wheeler confirmed that she would contact the Property Agent and look into this matter. It was also highlighted that it had taken an exceptional length of time to resolve issues with the roofs of the bungalows on Hot Lane in Biddulph.


Discussion took place around the procedures in place should a family need to be re-housed, following a fire and for instances of anti social behaviour (ASB). A copy of the new ASB policy would be circulated to members.


Councillor Atkins requested for a meeting to be held with YHG and the residents of Nightingale Gardens in relation to issues with parking, drains and sinking drives. The Officer confirmed that she would liaise with Councillor Atkins outside of the meeting.


YHG was complimented on the work carried which had improved parcels of neglected land at Haregate.


Members were very concerned about the level of customer satisfaction and were aware of examples where tenants found it difficult to contact YHG. Due to this it was requested that regular YHG surgeries in Biddulph and Cheadle were set up. It was felt that 6 monthly updates were insufficient and that a monthly update was preferable. The Officer explained that the improvement of customer satisfaction was one of the main priorities for the organisation. As the statistics were gathered collectively for the whole YHG, it could be difficult to extract the data as requested. However, Sharon Wheeler agreed to look into this matter.


It was suggested that social housing should be developed in the Meadows Way/Tunstall Road areas of Biddulph due to the excellent connectivity with the town centre and it was queried if discussion could take place around wild/free planting.


Discussion also took place around the location of repairs staff and sub-contracts. A customer representative present at the meeting advised, that the employees of Fix360 had seen an improvement in the level of support they received since they had been transferred to this organisation.


Sharon offered to meet Councillors and tenants should there be any specific issues that needed to be looked into. Her email address would be circulated after the meeting.


DECIDED: That the update be NOTED.

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