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Corporate Plan 2019 - 2023


The Panel gave its consideration to a report in relation to the new Corporate Plan. It was essential for the Council to develop and agree a Corporate Plan. The plan would provide clear direction for the delivery of services to achieve the Council’s vision, aims and objectives to deliver positive outcomes for citizens


The purpose of a Corporate Plan was to establish the Council’s vision, corporate objectives and established key priorities for the medium term i.e. in the case of the district council covering a period of up to four years (the life of a political administration). It in effect established the Council’s commitments in the delivery of services and community leadership to the citizens of the Staffordshire Moorlands.


A summary of the proposed Corporate Plan was attached at Appendix A of the report.


The plan set out the Council’s vision, aims and objectives for the next for four years. It also identified the outcomes which would be given the highest priority and the areas in which the Council would be seeking to influence partners to improve the quality of life for residents.


The achievement of the Council’s objectives would be supported by a number of priority actions to ensure step improvements and maximum impact upon the priority outcomes. The key actions committed in the Corporate Plan were detailed in Appendix B of the report.


The new Corporate Plan would build on the existing plans and priorities and importantly would be steered by the political administration with the mandate provided in the recent local elections. However the Corporate Plan was a document that needed to be owned by the whole Council. As a consequence the Council held a members’ priority setting event the outcomes from which (detail attached at Appendix C) had been taken into account in the development of the new plan.


Once the core of the Corporate Plan had been adopted, members would then be in a position to determine a set of local performance indicators and targets. It was suggested that this was undertaken by the Resources Overview & Scrutiny Panel at its November meeting.


The objective - ‘Effective recycling and waste management’ was referred to as a member felt that the Council needed to offer a recycling service to businesses. She was also concerned about Leek town centre being unattractive to tourists due to the poor state of repair of the Bus Station public toilets and requested an update on this matter. Andrew Stokes – Executive Director (Transformation), informed members that a delegated decision report would be published shortly, which would award the contract for the refurbishment of the public conveniences.


In relation to commercial recycling, the Council only had a limited number of commercial waste contracts as many businesses used national companies to collect their waste. Previously, it had been uneconomical for the Council to offer a complete recycling collection service for businesses. However, as part of the new National Waste Strategy there were proposals for it to become statutory for Councils to provide a commercial recycling service.


Members’ comments on the proposed aims and objectives within the Corporate Plan included the following:-


·         That the objective – ‘Meeting the challenge of climate change’ should be an aim rather than and objective.


·         As the Council had declared a Climate Emergency, the proposed aim ‘Protect and improve the environment’ should  include more detail. As a Climate Change Sub-Committee had been set up, it suggested that the Sub-Committee provide a suggested wording for this aim which would be considered.


·         (Aim3) - Clarification on the measures which could be taken to improve bus services was requested. The Leader had undertaken work on bus services and would provide further details in due course.


·         If the establishment of a new procurement strategy would include coaching sessions for smaller businesses and if there was scope for an additional post within the Procurement Team, to provide contract management assistance. The Portfolio Holder confirmed that the new procurement strategy would be brought to this Panel for scrutiny and that the small dedicated team currently provided assistance to smaller business that wished to tender for Council contracts.


The Chair informed the Panel that compliments had been received from users of the Medical Centre on Wharf Road, Biddulph on the re-surfacing works on the car park, which had been carried out by a local company.


Discussion took place around the Preston Model, increased recycling by businesses at household waste recycling centres and bottle deposit schemes.


Members were also advised that an annual report was produced each year which gave councillors the opportunity to check the Corporate Plan and where necessary, make small changes.




1)    The Panel considered and commented on the summary of the Corporate Plan as detailed at Appendices A and B of the report.


2)    That, subject to any changes agreed, the Panel requested that CABINET: 


    RECOMMEND that Council approved the Council’s vision, aims, objectives, influencing objectives and priorities;

    APPROVE a process of internal and external consultation as set out in the report; and

    AGREE that the Panel considered and developed a new performance framework at its next meeting.


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