Agenda item

Everyone Health - Joanne Robinson, Senior Commissioning Manager, SCC, Bethany Albutt, Service Manager and Suzanne Rhodes, Community Engagement Programme Manager.


At the request of the Panel, representatives from Everyone Health were in attendance at the meeting to advise members of the work carried out by the organisation.


Everyone Health delivered a targeted lifestyle service which included: NHS Health Checks, weight management, malnutrition, falls prevention, social isolation, smoking cessation and physical activity interventions.  People aged 50 years and over are eligible who live in areas most at risk of poor health.  The health and social care needs index was used to identify areas (decile 1).  The service had been targeted in these areas to date. 


There had been a recent change to the eligibility criteria:


           Postcode eligibility had been extended from decile 1 to deciles 1-3 using the health and social care needs index. In Staffordshire Moorlands originally there were 3 Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) eligible, this change targeted 15 LSOAs in Staffs Moorlands (3 in Biddulph East, 1 Biddulph West, 1 Brown Edge and Endon, 1 Cheadle North East, 1 Cheadle South East, 1 Cheadle West, 1 Leek East, 4 Leek North and 2 Leek South.


           40 practices that had the highest proportion of their practice population living in the targeted areas, could now offer and/or provide services to 100% of their population who were 50 years and over and to those that met the national eligibility criteria for NHS Health Checks.  The service was engaging with Biddulph Doctors and Biddulph Valley to support delivery.


42 interventions had been delivered in Staffordshire Moorlands (for the time period Quarter 1 to 4).  Out of all interventions delivered across Staffordshire 9.9% of these were to people from Staffordshire Moorlands.  Based on targeted LSOAs it was anticipated 5.8% (3 out of 52 LSOAs) of people to access, therefore the current access levels in Staffordshire Moorlands was higher than expected.


Compliments were passed on to the staff which provided the service from the Haregate Community Centre. It was felt that the attendance figures at the centre were low, there was concern in relation to the service being relocated to the GPs and the types of outreach methods used were queried.


In response, the officers advised that the service wasn’t solely being moved to GPs. GPs were being asked to actively refer people to the service. NHS Health Checks were being offered at Sainsbury’s in Leek and Biddulph and business Health Checks had been carried out at various employers in the area. Information for these events was publicised via social media, radio, adverts on buses, pharmacy bags and posters. It was also confirmed that due to the eligibility change, areas in Cheadle would now receive services from Everyone Health.


Members were pleased that the postcode eligibility had been extended and with the Health Checks at places of employment.


Members queried the eligibility criteria and it was explained that due to a reduction in funding the services could only be offered to those most at risk of entering Health & Social Care.


Discussion took place around interventions, the outcomes at 12 and 52 weeks and the response rate of 50% at the 52 week follow up. Members were advised that services would no longer be provided from the Green Tree Café, as people preferred a clinical setting and responded better in this type of setting. Clarification on the age limits for the various health checks was requested and it was confirmed that the NHS Health Checks age limit of 74 years of age was set nationally. A member of the Panel asked about vaping and the officers advised that the organisation followed the clinical evidence available at the time,  which indicated that although vaping wasn’t without risk it was 95% less harmful than smoking. People were offered all options available to them to assist with stopping smoking but vapes were not provided.      


The following requests were made by members of the Panel:


·         For Ambulance staff to have a contact number to enable them to make referrals;

·         For the postcode SK17 to be included within the service area (a list of the postcodes would be circulated after the meeting);

·         For statistical data to include numbers in the future and not just percentages;

·         For the organisation to include information in parish council newsletters.


DECIDED: That the update be noted.