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Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan 2020/21 - 2022/23


The Committee considered the proposed budget for 2020/21, updated Medium Term Financial Plan 2020/21 – 2023/24. Capital Strategy 2020/21, proposed Fees and Charges for 2020/21 and Procurement Forward Plan 2020/21.


The Executive Councillor introduced the proposed budget proposals and medium term financial plan which had been updated in accordance with the budget setting process.


In terms of fees and charges, and amendment to the proposed car parking charges was circulated in respect of Wye Street Car Park, which proposed that the increase on that car park be restricted to 20p on all bandings in 2020/21. This proposal was made to recognise the importance of sustaining footfall in the town centres..  The additional income that would have been generated had been added back in 2020/21 in the form of efficiency savings.  It was queried whether the proposed charges would be in place for a period of two years.


The difference in the costs of removing bed bugs and ants was queried and a response would be circulated.


Any other comments regarding the proposed fees and charges be conveyed to the Executive Councillor direct.


Reference was made to the work of the Climate Change Working Group, and it was requested that it would be useful if how the process for making changes and budget implications could be presented at the next meeting on 25 February.  The complexities of costing climate change initiatives was acknowledged. The Leader confirmed that the ‘quick wins’ discussed at the last meeting of the group had been included in the budget.


An increase in the amount of funding made available for drain cleaning was discussed, and DCC had been requested to increase the cleaning of drains in some problem areas.


With reference to the support for the completion of the off road route for the Trans Pennine Trail and access to the Monsal and Tissington Trails (para 2.7, page 172), it was clarified that this was to provide access from Buxton to the trails and that the creation of a Buxton – Matlock rail link was supported.




That Corporate Select Committee support the following recommendations to Council:


·         Approves the General Fund Budget for 2020/21 as detailed in Appendix A (section 8)


·         Approves the revised Medium Term Financial Plan (2020/21 to 2023/24) as detailed in Appendix A, including the revised Capital Programme (attached at Annex A)


·         Approves the Capital Strategy as set out in Appendix B


·         Approves the updated Housing Revenue Account Business Plan Forecast as detailed in Appendix C


·         Approves the proposed Fees and Charges for 2020/21 as detailed in Appendix D, subject to the amendment in respect of the parking charges at Wye Street Car Park;


·         Approves the proposed Procurement Forward Plan for 2020/21, providing the authority to procure based on procurement activity detailed in Appendix E


·         A Band D Council Tax of £195.40 for 2020/21 (an increase of 1.9% from 2019/20)


·         HRA charges as follows:

o   Dwellings rents to increase by an average of 2.7%from £69.40to £71.45 average per week (average rent takes into account new tenancies where formula rent is charged)

o   Garage rents to be increased by 5% from £6.79 to £7.13 average per week

o   Other charges including service charges to increase by a maximum of 5% for current tenants

o   Fuel charges at individual blocks have been reviewed and the 2020/21 charges is based on the 2019/20 estimated costs and the 2018/29 actual fuel usage / prices, charged on an individual scheme basis


·         Notes the Chief Finance Officer’s view that the level of reserves are adequate for the Council based on this budget and the circumstances in place at the time of preparing it (Appendix A Annex E)




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