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SMD/2019/0695 - Alton Towers




(Councillors Roberts and Emery had declared ‘other’ interests.)


(Report recommended Approval)


RECEIVED – Representations from the undermentioned speakers:-


For the application:

                   Mrs Janet Gurr                     -        Applicant

                   Miss Hannah Whitney       -        Applicant’s agent


NOTED – 1. This application was determined by the Committee due to it being a major application.


                 2.  LRR received containing:-

·         The decision date – this could not be issued until the expiry of the publicity period, 8th April 2020;

·         No objections received from the Local Highway Authority, County Archaeologist, Environmental Health and the Trees and Woodland Officer, subject to conditions;

·         New planting/landscaping requirements;

·         Landscape and visual impact details;

·         Impact on the Public Rights of Way Staffs County Council;

·         Officer comments and a further 10 recommended conditions, which included:

-       Pre commencement of development including site clearance and stripping erection of temporary tree protection

-    Pre commencement of development including site clearance and stripping specification submission for written approval of the LPA a method statement for special measures for access improvement near trees (no dig cellular confinement system)

-    Landscaping implementation and maintenance; wider landscape and habitat management plan.

-    Inclusion of Drg. No. 373/100/19A (1881 Survey Overlaid with 2019 and lost trees) in the list of approved plans, as this was the only plan showing proposed new tree planting positions across the whole site.  

-   Pre commencement of development including site clearance and stripping submission of a Construction and Environmental Management Plan to cover comments from the Environmental Health Officer and the Local Highway Authority  and to secure protection of the deer park wall during construction, as advised by the County Archaeologist

- Pre commencement of development including site clearance and stripping submission for written approval of the LPA a Risk Assessment to assess the nature and extent of any contamination on the site.

-    Any soil importation to be tested for contamination

-    Maximum noise levels at nearest noise sensitive receptors not to be exceeded with pre completion testing

-    Prior to first use for parking of vehicles, submission and written approval of a Management Plan, to include measures set out in para 10 of the submitted Noise Assessment.  Development to thereafter be managed and operated in full accordance with the agreed Plan.

-    Scheme to protect the route of footpath 42 

-  Informative to remind the applicant that the granting of planning permission does not construe the right to divert, extinguish or obstruct any part of the public paths.


                   3. The emergency services would have full access to the parking area.


                   4.              A query was raised regarding disabled access but the applicant advised that the proposed car park was not suitable for disabled access but that Alton Towers already had a number of other designated spaces for disabled parking.


RESOLVED – 1. That the application be APPROVED for the reasons and based on the policies contained in the report, subject to the conditions contained in the report and the additional conditions and informative referred to above.


(Proposed by Councillor Gledhill and seconded by Councillor Flunder.)

Supporting documents: